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Philly Brewer Reverse-Engineers Our Founding Fathers’ Ales | Magazine

In 1757, a colonel in the Virginia militia recorded the way that thirsty soldiers had made a DIY beverage with some water, hops, and molasses. The colonel: George Washington. Yes, the father of our country recorded instructions for making a very stiff beer. God bless America! Today, a mile and a half from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, Yards Brewing Company has resurrected old George’s directions. It’s one of the brews in its Ales of the Revolution series, an homage to a time when our forefathers were creating a more perfect union—while getting drunk off their ass. But re-creating centuries-old formulas takes some detective work. And a liver of steel. “The beers back then tended to be very strong,” Yards founder Tom Kehoe says. Here’s how the recipes were revived.

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Would You Pay $40,000 For An Antique Typewriter? - Speakeasy - WSJ

First it was Cormac McCarthy, then Jack Kerouac. Now, Harlan Ellison, a self-identified blue-collar fantasist who has written over 1,000 short stories, screenplays, essays, and criticisms, has listed his Remington noiseless portable for $40,000. Ellison penned “Soldier,” which James Cameron drew from for “The Terminator,” and “The Outer Limits,” to name just a few. Speakeasy spent some time on the phone with Ellison, who dominated the conversation with anecdotes and allusions of times past.